Oreo Truffle Recipe: Sweet Snack Idea for New Year’s Eve

oreo truffle
oreo truffle

In the New Year’s Eve filled with joy and new hopes, special dishes serve as the perfect sweetener to mark this special moment. One undeniable creation in its perfection is the Oreo Truffle. With the sweet touch of finely crushed Oreo and the perfect blend with condensed milk, coupled with the embracing melted chocolate, this dish becomes unforgettable amid the cheers welcoming the new year.

To create the deliciousness of Oreo Truffle, the first step is to crush the Oreo finely and combine it with condensed milk to form a thick and smooth mixture. From this mixture, create small balls that will become the delightful core of these truffles. Then, melt chocolate bars with margarine, creating a chocolate layer that will adorn the Oreo balls before being sprinkled with various toppings like sprinkles and nuts according to taste. Here’s the full recipe for Oreo truffle. Happy trying!

oreo truffle

Oreo Truffle Recipe

Recipe by Hani
Enjoy the delight of Oreo Truffle with the perfect mix of crushed Oreo, condensed milk, and melted chocolate. Serve as a special treat on New Year’s Eve.
Prep Time :25 minutes
Course :Dessert
Cuisine :American


  • 1 pack oreo
  • 1 sachet of sweetened condensed milk
  • chocolate bars
  • margarine
  • sprinkles and nuts


  • blend oreo until smooth.
  • add sweetened condensed milk and mix well with the oreo.
  • shape the mixture into balls, then set aside.
  • put an adequate amount of margarine in a saucepan, use low heat.
  • add chocolate bars, cook until melted, then pour into a container.
  • dip the dough balls into the melted chocolate.
  • sprinkle with sprinkles and nuts as desired.
  • chill, then serve.


  • Use your favorite Oreo variation to create a unique flavor. For example, Oreo Double Stuf or mint variations for a different touch.
  • Ensure the mixture is evenly combined, so the truffle balls have a good consistency and aren’t too soft. If too moist, add a bit of sweetened condensed milk or chill the mixture in the refrigerator before forming the balls.
  • Ensure the melted chocolate is sufficiently fluid but not too hot. This will facilitate the process of coating the truffle balls without them softening too quickly.
  • Let your creativity flourish with toppings. While this recipe uses sprinkles and nuts, you can try small pieces of dried fruit, a sprinkle of Oreo crumbs, or even tiny marshmallow pieces.
  • After coating the truffle balls with chocolate and toppings, ensure ample time for the chocolate to set properly. Chill the truffles in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight to allow the chocolate to completely harden.
  • When serving, place the truffles in an appealing dish or garnish them with finishing touches like a sprinkle of cocoa powder or crushed Oreo for a more attractive appearance.
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