Jember’s Typical Bitter Sweet Fermented Cassava Cake Recipe with 4 Easy Steps

cake prol tape singkong, oleh-oleh kas kota Jember

prol tape singkong
prol tape singkong
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The base of this cassava cake recipe is fermented cassava and it’s topped with a layer of raisins. The cassava cake recipe ingredients give the cake a complex flavor profile that includes sweet, sour, and savory notes.

The prol cake recipe calls for a fermented cassava cake recipe, which has a distinctive sweet and sour flavor. Because yeast ferments the cassava and converts the starches into sugar, this is what happens. The longer it sits, the sourer it will become.

Fermented cassava has a distinct flavor and can range in texture from soft to hard. Nonetheless, either kind tastes great when eaten raw or cooked. To name one example, prol cake uses these materials.

An Overview of the History of Fermented Cassava Cake Recipe

They claim that this cassava cake originated in Jember, East Java. Popular among tourists looking to take home a taste of Jember, this cake is a must-have for any visitor’s souvenir bag. Like this Fermented Cassava Cake product named Primadonna Prol Tape, it can be priced for under IDR30,000.

cassava cake recipe that originated form Jember Indonesia
cake prol tape primadona khas Jember

The toppings include several varieties of the traditional Jember prol tape, including the original variety as well as raisin cheese, chocolate cheese, and walnuts. All of these items would make excellent mementos to bring back home.

While it’s reminiscent of butter cake in texture, the flavor is distinctive. Unlike prol tape, which incorporates the sour flavor of cassava tape, butter cake only has sweet and savory flavors. Because of how easily it crumbles when bitten, this cake is known as prol tape or ngeprol in Javanese.

Prol cake has a smooth, buttery consistency.

cassava cake recipe from Jember Indonesia
 The texture of cassava cake is like butter cake

Creation of Prol Cake

Steps for preparing a raisin tape prol cake Instructions for making a pound cake or butter cake are what I turn to. To begin, cream together the sugar and butter/margarine until the mixture is light and airy. This prol tape recipe calls for butter or margarine to be mixed before the eggs and sugar sponge that is typically made first.

Jember’s Typical Bitter Sweet Fermented Cassava Cake Recipe with 4 Easy Steps

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Typical soft cake with fermented cassava filling

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  • 3 chicken eggs

  • 135 g sugar

  • 135 g butter

  • 120 g fermented cassava

  • 105 g wheat flour


  • Mix sugar and butter until white
  • add eggs, tape and finally flour
  • Pour into a greased baking tin
  • Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 180°c

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