Unyil Mini Bread Recipe, Popular Gift From Bogor Indonesia

roti unyil
roti unyil

Those of you who have visited Bogor will undoubtedly be familiar with Unyil mini bread. Unyil means mini or very small. I’m intrigued by this unyil mini bread recipe because this adorable little bun comes in a variety of flavors and fillings. Venus Bakery, one of Bogor’s most well-known producers, has a stall that is always crowded with buyers since it opens in the morning. Don’t ask how crowded it is, the lines can be quite long!

Venus Unyil Mini Bread Store

Mini bread Venus Store in Bogor Indonesia
Venus Bread Store http://venusbakery.co.id/

If you remember Bogor, you’ll remember Unyil mini bread and if you remember Unyil mini bread you’ll remember the Venus brand. Consumers will not make the wrong choice, as evidenced by the fact that the stores are always crowded and their products are selling well. This bread comes in a variety of flavors and fillings, including plain, chocolate, raisins, cheese, smoked meat, shredded, and banana, so you should try them all!

Unyil Mini Bread Recipe Creations

Mini bread recipe variation
Various variants of unyil mini bread (shutterstock)

This bread is small in size and can be consumed in one gulp. The products served are always made fresh on the same day and are free of preservatives.

There are several variations of the unyil mini bread recipe found on the internet. However, I try to share my own unyil mini bread recipe, which I think is quite delicious. Even though they don’t look the same and the shape is still perfunctory, we’re going to make a sandwich in the style of unyil mini bread with a delicious chocolate banana filling for teatime friends at home this time.

The ingredients must be just right to make this super soft and delicious unyil mini bread. Do not subtract or add.

roti unyil

Chocolate Banana Stuffed Unyil Mini Bread Recipe

Recipe by Hani
Unyil bread is made in a small size and can be consumed in a single gulp. The products served are always fresh, made on the same day, and free of preservatives.
Prep Time :1 hour
Cook Time :15 minutes
Total Time :1 hour 10 minutes
Course :Cake dan Kue
Cuisine :Indonesian


  • 200 g high protein flour
  • 50 g milk powder
  • 1.5 tsp instant yeast
  • 0.5 tbsp margarine
  • 2 tbsp cooking oil
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • salt to taste
  • ice/cold water to taste
  • ripe banana
  • chocolate jam


  • Combine flour, yeast, milk, and water then knead until half smooth
  • Add margarine, cooking oil, and salt and knead again until smooth
  • Store in a closed container until the dough has doubled in size
  • After rising, deflate the dough and divide the dough into small pieces
  • Flatten the dough then fill it with banana and chocolate jam
  • Place on a baking sheet that has been greased with margarine or cooking oil. Cover again with plastic until the dough slightly rises
  • Brush the top of the dough with egg yolk
  • Put it in the preheated oven at 175°C for 15 minutes until golden yellow
  • Serve while warm



  • the water used is cold water, so that when kneading the dough, the yeast is still sleeping so it doesn’t cause a tape smell.
  • Ensuring the right proportions of flour, powdered milk, and instant yeast is crucial.
  • Kneading the dough at an appropriate temperature greatly impacts the final texture of the bread. Allowing the dough sufficient resting time contributes to its softness.
  • For the filling, ripe bananas and chocolate spread bring out the authentic flavors of this Bogor specialty.
  • Bake not too long to get the texture of the bread that remains soft / not dry
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