Milk Bread Recipe, Soft Milk Bread Without Kneading, Super Easy!

Resep japanese milk bread roti susu yang lembut, cara buatnya sangat mudah tanpa banyak menguleni adonan.

japanese milk bread resep
japanese milk bread resep

Starting from the viral Japanese Milk Bread

This milk bread recipe is currently being hit or viral in Instagram. Many have also tried it. It’s really soft results. Starting from a Japanese milk bread recipe , I tried to make my own fluffy, soft Japanese torn bread at home. Moreover, every time there is a baker around the children ask to buy chocolate stuffed bread. By making your own at home of course more efficient.

Easy to make, just mix and knead for a while

If you usually make bread, you need patience in kneading the dough, the difference in this recipe is that you just mix the ingredients until smooth, then stir, and knead for a while, so your hands don’t get sore or tired. No more drama until the dough slams on the table.

Bread Improver

In this recipe I use a bread improver from Bakerine. This bread improver functions as an optimizer of yeast function, bread improver is able to shorten dough fermentation time.

After the ingredients are well mixed, I knead briefly about five to ten kneading then I proofing with a napkin / cotton cloth cover for 1 hour. The second proofing only took about 15 minutes. The dough balls can expand to double their size and are ready to bake.

Tips or ways of proofing the dough so that it expands quickly, I put the rounded dough in a preheated oven, the temperature is around 40°C

proofing adonan dalam oven hangat
proofing adonan dalam oven hangat


It’s been a long time using this oven, really durable. This oven from Kirin requires a total of 600 watts of power (upper and lower flames of 300 watts each). That amount of electric power is suitable for use in homes where the power is only 900 to 1300 watts. But even so, this oven is very Low Watt compared to other ovens. Highly Recommended. This oven is available at Tokopedia, yes, bund. The price is now IDR 909,000. I used to buy it at a price of Rp. 550,000

Oven Kirin KBO 200RA

Variations of Milk Bread

This milk bread can be in any shape, yes, bund, there are colorful ones like rainbow, round shape like this, then there are also ones like square bread, honeycomb, and many more. Create according to our own creativity

Weigh and Divide the Dough

timbang adonan sama rata

So that the results of the baked bread are even and neat, you should weigh it first, after that according to your taste, you want to divide it into how many circles. I use a CAMRY brand scale, yes, bund (at Tokopedia the price is Rp. 160,000), it is quite precise and can weigh to an accuracy of 0.1 grams. Usually this scale is for weighing coffee. Coffee lovers usually have this scale.

japanese milk bread resep

Milk Bread, Soft Milk Bread Without Kneading, Super Easy!

Recipe by Hani
Resep japanese milk bread roti susu yang lembut, cara buatnya sangat mudah tanpa banyak menguleni adonan.
Prep Time :30 minutes
Cook Time :40 minutes
Total Time :1 hour 10 minutes
Course :Cake dan Kue
Cuisine :Indonesian, Japanese


  • 140 g full cream liquid milk
  • 1 egg
  • ½ tbsp yeast (Mauripan)
  • 250 g high protein flour (Twin Chakra)
  • ½ g bread importer (Bakerine)
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • ¼ tsp salt


  • Pour the milk, yeast sugar into a bowl, stir with a whisk until smooth
  • Add the eggs and mix again with a whisk until smooth
  • Add flour and bread improver
  • Stir with a spatula until well blended
  • Add salt and butter
  • Stir by hand until smooth
  • round up
  • Cover the container with a napkin, let it rest for 60 minutes
  • Deflate the dough that has risen, previously grease your hands with butter so it doesn’t stick
  • Knead briefly just to make sure all the air has come out
  • Divide the dough as desired, and give the filling, round it again and arrange it in the pan
  • leave it in the oven at a warm temperature (the oven is off) until the dough rises
  • Take it out, brush the top with a mixture of milk and egg yolk
  • Turn on the oven, heat it up for a while
  • Bake in the oven at 175 C for 15-20 minutes


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