Fruity Drink Recipe with Cinnamon Sauce

setup buah kayu manis
setup buah kayu manis

Fruit setup ice is a refreshing dish made from a mixture of various fruits, served with the addition of sweet sauce and a touch of cinnamon. This light snack has become a favorite in the Javanese region, especially during the summer, as it provides exceptional freshness. With a combination of sweetness and freshness, fruit setup ice is the perfect choice to rejuvenate oneself during the day, particularly when breaking the fast.

The variety of fruits used in fruit setup ice is extensive, including fresh fruits such as melons, watermelons, mangoes, oranges, and grapes. The combination of colors and textures of these fruits creates an appealing and appetizing display. The deliciousness of fruit setup ice is further enhanced by the sweet sauce that provides a sweet and slightly savory touch to every spoonful.

A distinctive feature of fruit setup ice is the use of cinnamon. Cinnamon adds a unique aroma and flavor to this dish. Its presence introduces a new dimension to the experience of enjoying fruit ice, making it more special and memorable. Cinnamon also provides a warm undertone that contrasts with the freshness of the fruits, creating a flavor harmony that delights the palate.

Fruit setup ice is not only enjoyed as a fresh snack during the day but is also a popular choice for iftar. The combination of fruits rich in water content helps fulfill the body’s fluid requirements after a day of fasting. Additionally, the presence of cinnamon provides a satisfying taste and stimulates the appetite after fasting.

The process of making fruit setup ice is relatively simple. Cleaned fruits are cut into small pieces or balls, then neatly arranged in bowls or serving glasses. The sugar sauce, made from a mixture of water, sugar, and a pinch of salt, is evenly poured over the fruits. Finally, a sprinkle of cinnamon covers the surface of the fruit setup ice, providing a special finishing touch.

setup buah kayu manis

Cinnamon Fruity Ice Drink

Recipe by Hani
Fruit setup is a refreshing beverage crafted from a medley of assorted fruits, and the aromatic touch of cinnamon is what makes it particularly special. Whether in stick or powder form, cinnamon imparts a captivating fragrance and a distinctive flavor to fruit setup, elevating its overall appeal.
Prep Time :20 minutes
Cook Time :10 minutes
Total Time :1 hour 10 minutes
Course :Drinks
Cuisine :Indonesian


  • various fruits (apple, pear, melon, grape, papaya)
  • 2 liters water
  • 250 grams sugar
  • 3 cinnamon sticks


  • Peel, wash and cut the fruit into small pieces, put it in the refrigerators
  • Make cinnamon gravy by boiling water, sugar, and cinnamon until it boils and smells good. Remove and let cool
  • Put the fruits in a glass
  • add cinnamon sauce, and add ice cubes


Another advantage of fruit setup ice is its flexibility. You can adjust the types of fruits used according to preferences and seasonal availability. This makes fruit setup ice a customizable choice that always brings new surprises with each serving.

With all its deliciousness, fruit setup ice not only refreshes the body but also satisfies the taste buds. This dish has not only become a culinary trend in the Javanese region but has also spread to various other areas in Indonesia. Therefore, it’s not surprising that fruit setup ice has become one of the culinary icons ingrained in Indonesian food culture, especially during the joyous moments of breaking the fast.

fresh fruit for fruit setup

Selecting ingredients for the fruit setup recipe is a crucial step to ensure that the final refreshing dish satisfies the palate. Here are some tips for choosing high-quality ingredients for the fruit setup recipe:

  1. Fresh and High-Quality Fruits:
    Choose fresh and high-quality fruits. Naturally ripe fruits provide a more delightful taste and a robust aroma. Check for the integrity and color of the fruits, ensuring there are no signs of spoilage or damage.
  2. Combination of Colors and Textures:
    To create an enticing appearance, select a combination of fruits with contrasting colors and varied textures. For example, a mix of green, red, yellow, and orange colors can provide an attractive aesthetic.
  3. Variety of Fruits:
    Mix various types of fruits to create a diversity of flavors. You can use melons, watermelon, mangoes, oranges, grapes, or other fruits according to your preference. Ensure that the chosen fruits complement each other and suit the season.
  4. High-Quality Cinnamon:
    When selecting cinnamon, opt for a high-quality variety. Cinnamon with a strong aroma and authentic flavor adds a distinctive touch to the fruit setup. You can use cinnamon sticks or powder according to your preference.
  5. Balanced Sugar Sauce:
    Create a sugar sauce with a balanced proportion of sugar, water, and a pinch of salt. Ensure that the sauce is not overly sweet or too thin. The right consistency will perfectly coat the fruits.
  6. Consider Seasonal Availability:
    If possible, choose fruits that are in season. Seasonal fruits tend to be fresher, more affordable, and have a more natural taste. Additionally, opting for seasonal fruits supports sustainability.
  7. Thoroughly Wash and Cut:
    Make sure to thoroughly wash the fruits before cutting. Remove seeds or unwanted parts. Cut the fruits into uniform sizes for a neat appearance and ease of consumption with each bite.
  8. Proper Storage:
    After purchase, store the fruits in the appropriate conditions to keep them fresh. Some fruits may need refrigeration, while others can be stored in a cool and dry place.

By following these tips, you can ensure that the fruit setup you create has optimal ingredient quality, resulting in a delicious and satisfying refreshing dish.

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