Fruity Drink Recipe with Cinnamon Sauce

This fruity drink is made from a mixture of fruits with the addition of sugar and cinnamon sauce. This fruit ice is very popular in the Java, Indonesia. Enjoy the freshness during the day by eating this fruit ice setup. Of course, it is very suitable for iftar dishes.

How to make it very easy. First collect some fruits like papaya, pineapple, apple, grape, melon, etc. Peel and dice, then boil half-cooked or until you can smell the fruity aroma.

Actually, it is better to serve the fruit in a raw state. So, if you want it to be healthier, just boil the sugar and cinnamon with water. Cool and pour over the diced fruit mixture.

fresh fruit for fruit setup

Fruity Drink Recipe with Cinnamon Sauce

Cinnamon Fruity Ice Drink

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Setup buah, minuman segar buah-buahan ini terasa harum dari kayu manis


  • various fruits (apple, pear, melon, grape, papaya)

  • 2 liters water

  • 250 grams sugar

  • 3 cinnamon sticks


  • Peel, wash and cut the fruit into small pieces, put it in the refrigerators
  • Make cinnamon gravy by boiling water, sugar, and cinnamon until it boils and smells good. Remove and let cool
  • Put the fruits in a glass
  • add cinnamon sauce, and add ice cubes

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