Chicken Soup Recipe : Savoring Comfort

resep sop ayam bening

This chicken soup recipe, the ultimate elixir of comfort, has long been a culinary symbol of warmth and healing. In this exploration, we delve into the multifaceted world of chicken soup, dissecting its components and celebrating the art of crafting this timeless dish.

Classic Chicken Soup Recipe: A Timeless Embrace

The classic chicken soup, an embrace of familiar flavors, brings together succulent chicken, aromatic broth, and an array of vegetables. Its time-honored appeal lies in the simplicity of ingredients, offering a comforting bowl that transcends generations.

Vegetable Symphony in a Pot

For those inclined towards the plant-centric, the best chicken soup recipe takes a detour into a vegetable symphony. Bursting with colors and textures, this rendition proves that the soul-soothing magic of chicken soup extends far beyond the realms of meat.

The Joy of Homemade: Crafting Chicken Soup from Scratch

Step into the realm of joyous cooking with a homemade chicken soup. From the creation of a luscious broth to the careful selection of fresh ingredients, this culinary journey embodies the essence of comfort found in the heart of one’s kitchen.

Healthy Indulgence: Lean Chicken Breast Edition

In the pursuit of wellness, the healthy chicken soup recipe featuring lean chicken breast takes the spotlight. Revel in the goodness of a nutritious bowl without compromising on flavor, a mindful choice for those navigating a lighter culinary path.

chicken soup recipe
chicken soup recipe

The Elegance of Chicken Broth

Master the art of concocting a soul-nourishing chicken broth with a foolproof recipe. Beyond serving as a base for various soups, this elixir stands alone, providing comfort and sustenance in a single sip.

Quick Fix for Culinary Cravings

Pressed for time? Fear not, as the quick chicken soup recipe comes to the rescue. Ideal for busy days or sudden cravings for homemade goodness, this recipe offers a shortcut to culinary satisfaction without compromising on taste.

Time-Honored Classic, Expedited: Quick Chicken Noodle Soup

Craving the timeless favorite but racing against the clock? The quick chicken noodle soup recipe captures the essence of this cherished dish, delivering a steaming bowl of comfort within minutes.

Rice Elevated with Chicken Stock

Lift your rice game with the chicken stock rice recipe. The infusion of chicken stock adds a savory dimension, transforming ordinary rice into a delightful side dish fit for any occasion.

The Art of Thickness: Crafting Hearty Chicken Soup

Ever wondered how to achieve that perfect thickness in chicken soup? Unveil the secrets in our recipe, ensuring each spoonful offers a satisfying, substantial experience.

No-Noodles, All Comfort

For those mindful of carbs, the no-noodles chicken soup recipe is a fitting choice. A broth-based delight with all the goodness of chicken soup, sans the noodles, making it suitable for low-carb or gluten-free preferences.

In this culinary exploration, chicken soup emerges not just as a dish but as an experience—a journey through comforting flavors, nourishment, and the sheer joy of crafting a timeless classic. Savor each creation, and let the essence of homemade chicken soup envelop you in a warm and comforting embrace.

Rahasia Kelezatan Sop Ayam Bening ala Restoran: Resep dan Tips

Recipe by Hani
Temukan rahasia kelezatan sop ayam bening ala restoran dengan resep spesial dan tips eksklusif. Sajikan hidangan istimewa ini dengan sayuran segar dan nasi hangat untuk pengalaman makan yang tak terlupakan. Ikuti langkah-langkah mudah dalam resep sop ayam bening ala restoran ini, dan nikmati aroma harum serta rasa yang menggoda. Sajikan keluarga Anda dengan hidangan yang istimewa dan dapatkan pujian sebagai chef di rumah!
Prep Time :30 minutes
Cook Time :20 minutes
Total Time :50 minutes
Course :Soups
Cuisine :Indonesian


  • 900 gr paha bawah ayam, potong
  • 10 siung bawang merah, iris
  • 3 siung bawang putih, geprek
  • 300 gr wortel, potong
  • 300 gr kentang, potong
  • 200 gr kol, potong
  • 2 batang daun bawang, potong
  • 6 batang seledri, potong
  • 2 buah tomat merah, potong
  • 1 buah pala
  • 4 buah kapulaga
  • ½ sdt lada putih
  • 2 -3 sdm Masako Kaldu Spesial Rasa Ayam
  • 2 -3 liter air
  • 2 -3 sdm minyak
  • Bawang goreng
  • Jeruk limau


  • Panaskan minyak, masukkan bawang merah, goreng di api sedang kecil
  • Pisahkan sebagian bawang goreng, masukkan bawang putih dan lada putih, aduk
  • Tambahkan batang daun bawang, besarkan api, lalu masukkan ayam, tumis hingga sedikit kecokelatan
  • Masukkan air, masak hingga mendidih, lalu kecilkan api
  • Masukkan kentang dan wortel, aduk, lalu tambahkan pala dan kapulaga
  • Tambahkan masako kaldu ayam, aduk, kemudian masukkan tomat, daun bawang, seledri dan kol, masak selama kurang lebih 5 menit
  • Sup ayam siap disajikan dengan bawang goreng dan jeruk limau sebagai pelengkap


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